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Chickpea & Almond Butter Dog Biscuits

Chickpea & Almond Butter Dog Biscuits


Does your pup have a peanut allergy, preventing you from feeding them treats with peanut butter? Or maybe you or someone in your family have the allergy!

These treats are grain free & gluten & peanut butter free making them unique & healthy- PACKED with nutrients!

✅Chickpea flour benefits:

🐾amazing for sensitivities

🐾good source of potassium, Vitamin A, B & C

🐾good source of fiber, protein & magnesium

🐾easy to digest

❎Benefits of almond butter:

🐾high in vitamin B3 which supports healthy fur- keeping their coat strong & shiny

🐾Supports liver & eye function

🐾good source of vitamin E- even better than peanut butter- which works with removing harmful free radicals from your dogs cells increasing healthy function of their immune system

✅Benefits of pumpkin purée:

🐾high soluble fibre aiding in diarrhea and constipation

🐾aids with gut bacteria, improving intestinal health

🐾high water content

🐾good source of vitamin A & zinc- supporting healthy coat

✅Benefits of banana:


🐾packed with potassium & vitamin C

🐾good source of vitamin B6, biotin, manganese & copper

15 for $10

30 for $18

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