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Dehydrated Sardines

Dehydrated Sardines

Dehydrated sardines 🐟 Dog & Cat Friendly!

🐾Great source of amino acids (DHA) vital to cognitive function & eye health which is especially important for puppies & senior dogs. DHA incorporated in a dogs diet has been found to support growth & minimize signs of aging

🐾Coenzyme is a main element in sardines & can help to prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, support the immune system, improved cognitive function & supporting healthy heart & circulation! Sardines have been found to help dogs with existing congenital issues

🐾Sardines are a complete protein- have all amino acids required to maintain a healthy body! Supporting healthy organs & digestive system

🐾Support healthy joints

🐾Sardines aid with healthy skin & coat- can even limit hot spots & itchy skin

Fun fact ➡️ there has been controversy that certain types of fish have high content of mercy. In smaller fish, mercury isn’t as much of a concern in comparison to large fish. Sardines have a very low content or mercury making it safe for your pets!

100g $12

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